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Stainless Steel Grill

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304 stainless steel rods with steel frame.


Small: 60x40cm (23.6x15.7in)
Medium: 80x50cm (31.5x19.6in)
Large: 100x50cm (39.3x19.6in)

Care Instructions

Solid 6.35 mm / ¼ inch 304 stainless steel rods with steel frame

The rods are free-floating in the iron welded frame, allowing them to expand and contract, reducing the risk of welding cuts.

The rotation of the rods makes the cleaning task much more manageable.

12mm solid iron threaded legs. 15cm high legs. 

Perfect for having a 304 inox grilling area without paying a full inox grill.

Wood or charcoal-burning grill

Three different sizes.

Handcrafted in Buenos Aires, Argentina


From weekend cookouts to daily meal preparations, there's nothing quite like the feeling of mastering the art of grilling. And with the right tools, that art becomes a joyous affair. Enter the Stainless Steel BBQ Grill from CharQuery Grills – the perfect accessory to refine and redefine your grilling journey. Dive into an unparalleled experience as you buy BBQ stainless steel grills online from the comfort of your home.

Exceptional Craftsmanship and Versatile Cooking for Unforgettable BBQ Moments

Superior Durability Meets Innovative Design

The heart of every grill is its construction. When you lay your eyes on this grill, you instantly notice the robust and immaculate design tailored for grilling enthusiasts. Built to withstand time and elements, the grill showcases solid 6.35 mm / ¼ inch 304 stainless steel grills rods framed securely in resilient steel. But what sets it apart? These rods are innovatively designed to be free-floating in their meticulously iron-welded frame. This distinct characteristic allows them a natural motion, enabling them to expand and contract as temperature changes, seamlessly reducing the risk of welding cuts. This harmonious blend of sturdy resilience and insightful engineering guarantees that your grill isn't just for a season; it's a lifelong companion.

Effortless Maintenance and User-friendly Design

Ask any grill master, and they'll tell you while the thrill of grilling is unparalleled, the aftermath can often be a chore. Understanding this, the grill's design addresses the often tedious cleaning task with an ingenious solution. The rods of this grill possess the unique ability to rotate, transforming the cleaning process from a daunting task into a swift, almost therapeutic activity. This means fewer hours spent on laborious scrubbing and more hours relishing and sharing the fruits of your BBQ labors. Experience grilling with all its joys and none of the post-BBQ blues.

Versatility Beyond Compare

Every grilling enthusiast prefers the rustic aroma of wood or the distinct smoky flavor imparted by charcoal. This stainless steel grill acknowledges and is meticulously designed to accommodate these affections. The 12 mm solid iron threaded legs ensure stability and, standing at an optimal 15 cm high, offer the ideal height for versatile cooking techniques. Furthermore, luxury doesn’t always have to come with a hefty price tag. With this grill, you can relish the 304 inox grilling experience, reminiscent of full inox grills, without the associated costs. And with three available sizes, you can choose the one that perfectly aligns with your grilling aspirations and spatial requirements.

The Stainless Steel BBQ Grill from CharQuery Grills transcends being a mere tool. It reflects impeccable style, unmatched functionality, and craftsmanship that evokes admiration. Elevate your grilling escapades from mere cooking to culinary celebrations. Buy BBQ stainless steel grills online today and embark on a journey that tantalizes taste buds and creates memories long after the embers have cooled.

Cook with us!

It's time for you to put your new tools to the test! Try new recipes and use new techniques. We will take you step by step so you can cook the best dishes.

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    Our Grills are made with 100% solid iron


    Designed and crafted in Buenos Aires using traditional Argentinian methods and techniques

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