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We take the durability of our products seriously. We try to use the best quality materials to build a nice grill at a fair price.

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  • Justin

    "This grill exceeded all expectations!! We have been cooking on it since it arrived nonstop. It is extremely sturdy and well made. I have been looking for one of these grills for a while and couldn't be happier with this one."

  • Stephen

    "Absolutely amazing. Used it for the first time on a whole lamb roast and the product design makes this quite easy. Clamps and hooks to secure the meat on the cross eliminate the need for wiring and the two handles combined with the possibility to rotate the cross 360 degrees allows for easy handling and adjusting the position to the fire."

  • Oscar

    "This grill is excellent! It is very sturdy and well made and should last a long time. The removable and adjustable legs are perfect because you can screw each one more or less in order to stabilize the grill if you are cooking on a slightly uneven surface. Although I've only had the chance to use this grill a couple of times, I am extremely happy with the product!"

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  • The Perfect Tomahawk Recipe with Criolla Sauce and Chimichurri

    The tomahawk steak is every meat lover’s dream. The bone-in rib eye with an extra-large rib handle is not only one of the largest beef cuts out there, but it’s also one of the most intimidating to cook. How to cook this big boy?


  • Grilled Sweetbread Recipe

    Sweetbreads are the thymus glands of calves, which makes some people to stay clear from such delicacy. They’re meaty, tender and flavorful — they’re an excellent addition to any grilling party! And Argentine grill masters know it. 


  • Sweet & Sour Pork Bondiola and Sweet Potato Recipe

    Argentina has unique grilling traditions — they’ve mastered the art of cooking meat outdoors for centuries! The South American country has its own meat cuts as well, and one of the most exciting is the bondiola.


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