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Fireplace Pit Tools

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Hand Made and craft with Iron, using traditional Argentinian methods and techniques

This set will fulfill all your needs to have a warm, clean fire. All are made with heavy-duty iron and railroad spikes handles it can be used for a lifetime.


Set Stand: Heavy-duty holder made of 13 mm square stock

Stove tongs: These are completely made from iron. Made from 10 mm square stock

Measures approx. 29 inches long. From handle to joint – 6.2 inches, the scissor section is 22.8 inches.
Weight: 3.5 pounds

Poker: Heavy-duty fireplace poker made using 10 mm round stock. It has a pointed end for pushing burning material and a hook to pull.

Measurements: approx. 32.7 inches long and the hook is 6.3 inches
Weight: 2.3 pounds

Shovel: This is a high-quality, handmade fireplace shovel. It has a long arm to keep you away from the hot ash. It Has a big mouth and the head has a small angel giving a slide shape. This shape makes it easier to work with ashes at the brown level.

Measurements: (approximate)

Handle measures 5.5 inches
The Head is 7.8 inches long and 6.9 inches wide.
The total length is approx. 32.3 inches.
Weight: 2.8 pounds

Broom: This is a high-quality, handmade fireplace broom. The broom is attached to a wooden head with 4.7-inch bristles.

It measures approximately 30 inches from top to the broom. The broom head measures 3 inches.
Weight: 2.5 pounds

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    Our Grills are made with 100% solid iron


    Designed and crafted in Buenos Aires using traditional Argentinian methods and techniques

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