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Canvas Apron

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100% Argentinian cow leather and canvas.


- From the top leather strap to the bottom: 78cm/30.7in

- Wide: 66cm/25.98in

Handcrafted in Argentina this leather apron is perfect for every activity. Make the best barbecue or be the chef of the house while wearing it.

• 100% Argentinian cow leather and canvas
• Adjustable strap
• One size
• Metal ring for tablecloth
• 3 Pockets

Elevate Your Culinary Craftsmanship with the Ultimate Apron Dress for Kitchen Endeavors

In the heart of every culinary journey lies a story, an essence of creativity, and a dash of passion. Like a knight stepping into a duel or a painter poised before a blank canvas, culinary artist deserves the finest gear to complement their craft. The kitchen isn’t just about ingredients and recipes; it's about moments, experiences, and making memories. As you step into this realm, it's crucial to be adorned in an attire that mirrors your commitment and fervor for food. With this in mind, we at Charquery Grills bring forth the epitome of luxury, functionality, and style – our leather apron cooking masterpiece. Carefully handcrafted from the opulent textures of Argentinian cow leather, this apron dress for kitchen pursuits stands as a testament to your culinary aspirations, promising not just protection but a profound style statement.

Authentic Argentinian Craftsmanship Meets Modern Kitchen Aesthetics

Every culture has its unique culinary traditions, stories, and attire. Argentina, a land known for its rich heritage, vibrant flavors, and meticulous craftsmanship, brings forth an experience rather than just a cooking accessory. The moment you drape yourself in this exquisite leather apron cooking attire, you're not merely wearing a protective shield. Instead, you're embracing centuries of Argentinian culinary history. Meticulously crafted from 100% Argentinian cow leather and canvas, every inch of this apron echoes dedication, precision, and an unparalleled love for the culinary arts. Its dimensions, carefully chosen at 78cm/30.7in from top to bottom and 66cm/25.98in wide, ensure a comfortable and snug embrace, making any rustic or modern kitchen feel like a culinary theater. And, with its adjustable strap, you're promised a fit that feels tailor-made, while the chic metal ring adds a touch of avant-garde elegance.

Designed for Versatility, Crafted with Love

Beyond its captivating aesthetics, our leather apron is a beacon of functionality. In the high-paced ballet of the kitchen, having essentials within arm's reach isn't a luxury but a necessity. This is where the three ingeniously crafted pockets come into play, offering sanctuary to your tools ensuring they're always by your side. Whether it's an impromptu barbecue with friends, an intimate dinner for two, or just a day where you're experimenting with new recipes, this apron stands as your trusted companion. When it comes to personal expression, we offer a palette of serene colors – be it the deep blue reminiscent of Argentinian skies, the earthy green, the sophisticated gray, or the tranquil cloud blue. Each hue tells a story waiting to be woven into your culinary adventures. At Charquery Grills, handcrafted with profound affection, every apron isn't just a culinary accessory and an extension of your passion, ensuring every dish emanates perfection and elegance.


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    Our Grills are made with 100% solid iron


    Designed and crafted in Buenos Aires using traditional Argentinian methods and techniques

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