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Iron Indoor Grill

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Hand Made and craft with Iron, using traditional Argentinian methods and techniques


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Care Instructions

1· You shouldn't leave the grill outdoors if not in use.
2· Always remove any food rest or remainings from the grill after using it.
3· It would be best to spread some vegetable oil if you know you are not going to use it for some time.
4· If you do not use it for a long time you should expose the grill to direct fire for a little while before using it.

This is no regular indoor grill; it’s a state-of-the-art grilling rack inspired in the traditional Argentine meaty feasts and the gaucho cowboy's mastery in working with fire.

A 3-way adjustable height separates this indoor grill from all others, allowing you to control the temperature to cook steak, potatoes, veggies, chicken, or seafood evenly.
Our indoor grill is a professional tool suitable for grill masters, but it’s easy to use, too, very stable and easy to clean, so amateur enthusiasts will love it.

Ideal for restricted spaces and small to medium parties, this indoor grill is a conversation starter and a mood-booster. You can already smell the smoky meat kissed by the fire!
A wooden handle makes this indoor grill safe to handle and adds distinction to its overall rustic but sophisticated look. It just looks gorgeous on your fireplace.

If you’re planning on going camping, this adaptable grill is also all you’ll ever need. You can adjust it to campfire pits on the beach, a verdant forest, or your own backward.
Don’t miss the opportunity to have a proper adjustable grill, easy to carry around and assemble. You’ll start to hear those sizzling steaks in no time.

Nothing compares to the Buy Now Iron Indoor Grill | Argentinian BBQ when blending tradition with innovation. Drawing inspiration from the age-old mastery of gaucho cowboys and the savory feasts of Argentina, this isn't just another grill – it's a doorway to authentic culinary adventures right in your home. Experience the art and science of grilling in its purest form, and let every meal be a testament to your grilling prowess.

Elevate Culinary Delights with Authentic Argentine-inspired flavors

The Iron Indoor Grill is far from ordinary; it embodies grilling perfection influenced by the time-honored Argentine tradition. What truly sets this grill apart is its 3-way adjustable height. No longer worry about unevenly cooked steaks or charred veggies. Whether it's steak, potatoes, seafood, or chicken, gain total control over the temperature, ensuring every bite is perfectly cooked. Designed with the professional grill master and the enthusiastic amateur in mind, it promises stability, ease of use, and, most importantly, a hassle-free cleaning process. The charm of this grill isn't just restricted to its performance; it's a visual treat, too. It is adorned with a wooden handle and exudes a rustic yet sophisticated aura, making it an instant conversation starter. Can you already perceive the intoxicating aroma of smoky meat gently caressed by flames? For those with a penchant for adventure, the Iron Indoor Grill transcends the confines of your home. Planning a camping trip? Adjust this versatile grill to fit campfire pits, whether on a serene beach, in a lush forest, or in your backyard. Compact, easy to assemble, and even easier to transport, it’s the only grill you'll ever need for those spontaneous getaways. Dive into a world where sizzling steaks and mesmerizing flames beckon – where culinary dreams come to life.

Marrying Tradition with Modern-Day Elegance

The Iron Indoor Grill stands as a testament to the timeless allure of Argentine grilling traditions, seamlessly merging with the demands of modern-day aesthetics. At its heart lies the age-old artistry of the gaucho cowboy, intertwined with cutting-edge design and functionality. It's more than just a grill; it's an experience. Whether you're aiming to relive the Argentine countryside's traditional flavors or to introduce a touch of elegance to your contemporary living space, this grill is your companion. Its captivating appearance makes it not just a culinary tool but also a centerpiece, bound to intrigue and impress guests at any indoor gathering.

Turn Every Meal into a Gourmet Experience

With the Iron Indoor Grill, the boundaries of culinary exploration are expanded. Each meal is transformed into a canvas, waiting to be painted with the rich, smoky flavors of Argentine grilling. Seize the chance to exhibit mastery over the flames, dive deep into the authentic aromas and tastes that Argentina is celebrated for, and metamorphose even the simplest dishes into gourmet masterpieces. It’s not just about cooking; it’s about crafting stories, memories, and experiences with every sizzle. Elevate your culinary journey, and let each flame-kissed delicacy echo the passion and tradition of Argentine BBQ.


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    Our Grills are made with 100% solid iron


    Designed and crafted in Buenos Aires using traditional Argentinian methods and techniques

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