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Set Brazier + Fireplace Pit Tools

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Fire Tools: Body of 100% iron, ending with a wooden handle. Brazier: 100% Heavy-duty iron construction.


Tools: Length: 83 cm / 32,5 in
Brazier: Large: 27cmx28cmx47cm (10.6x11x18.5in)

The Set includes:

Large Brazier and BBQ Fireplace tools

The products are very resistant, and with superb heat distribution, you’ll find it easy to put together restaurant-quality meals with the fantastic flavor only fire brings to the table.

Shovel and Poker Set for Coal and Wood

the BBQ Fireplace tools Designed to handle wood and coal comfortably and safely, this set of shovel and poker is the single most essential tool for outdoor enthusiasts and grilling aficionados.

The tapered square shovel has a durable 10 mm (0.4-inch) blade, and it’s welded to a solid handle ending with a state-of-the-art rectangular wooden handle.

The fire iron poker has an L-shaped ash-pan rake attached to the end of an iron rod, finishing with an equally impressive rectangular wooden handle.

Ideal for any charcoal grilling endeavor but also handy when handling wood in a fireplace, this iron and shovel set is the last set you’ll need to buy — its solid construction guarantees long years of extensive use.
Sturdy and resistant, but with an elegant design, these fire-welding tools are a joy to use and will prove to be more reliable than you ever thought.

• Durable, made with solid cast iron.
• Versatile for charcoal-grilling, wood-fired ovens and fireplaces.
• Elegant, with beautiful wooden handles.
• Safe and comfortable, thanks to the set’s design, created for extensive, professional use.

Argentine iron grill asado brasero parrilla:

Iron brazier, perfect to use with charcoal or wood.

Heavy-duty iron construction.


    Free Shipping to USA and Canada via FedEx International Economy (4 business days)


    Our Grills are made with 100% solid iron


    Designed and crafted in Buenos Aires using traditional Argentinian methods and techniques

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