Provoleta with Homemade Balsamic Salad Recipe

Provoleta with Homemade Balsamic Salad Recipe

If you’re ever in Argentina, you’ll surely be greeted with an authentic meat-loving feast. The country is famous for its hearty Asado, which features grilled cuts of beef, sausages, chicken, sweetbreads and more. 

Meat is not the only thing that makes the country’s most famous meal special — they also serve cheese. Specifically, provoleta. This grilling cheese doesn’t melt that quickly, so it’s ideal for cooking over an open flame. The best way to cook provoleta? With a provoletera, of course, a cast-iron pan that will melt the cheese evenly every time.

What to do with provoleta? Top it with your favorite ingredients and enjoy it with bread while your juice steaks come out of the grill. This time let’s serve our provoleta with a healthy side of Balsamic salad. Yes, refreshing but gooey, the combination is a beautiful way of eating your veggies!

How to make Balsamic Dressing at Home?

No salad is complete without a dressing, and the best salad dressings are homemade. Below, you’ll find a recipe for balsamic dressing, which you can then use to toss your salad and give color to a thick melted provoleta wheel. To make an easy Balsamic dressing, you only need balsamic vinegar and sugar. It’s that easy!

Provoleta with Homemade Balsamic Salad Recipe

Servings: 2

Prep time: 5

Cooking time: 10

Total time: 15


  • 1 Provoleta wheel (more as needed)
  • 1 cup cherry tomatoes
  • 1 tsp chili pepper flakes
  • 1 cup arugula
  • 7oz balsamic vinegar
  • 6 tbsp sugar


  1. Heat the provoletera over high heat on an open flame. 
  2. Grill the cherry tomatoes on the provoletera for 5-8 minutes while stirring until slightly charred. Set aside and season with the chili pepper flakes. 
  3. Melt the provoleta in the provoletera. 
  4. Meanwhile, prepare the balsamic dressing by heating the balsamic vinegar and the sugar in a small saucepan. Stir well, bring to a boil and allow to thicken. 
  5. Toss the arugula with the cherry tomatoes and the balsamic vinegar. 
  6. Top the melted provoleta with the salad and serve immediately. Alternatively, serve the salad on the side.